Blog moving to Instagram! New and improved!Ā 

Hi everyone!

So lately I feel I keep disappointing myself because I tried to make this a commitment and post but it’s not happening. 

My passion is fashion & beauty. I recently got into photography and bought a nice camera and want to include that in content I create! 

With that said , Instagram’s platform is easier to have my content seen & is easier for me to use. I use Instagram every day. Which is why I’ve decided to move my blog to Instagram. 

Like I said I’m on there all the time so posting won’t be an issue. On here I go back and forth. I will occasionally post on here, but if you want to see what I come out with.

follow my Instagram! : kaitlynnjohnsonn_ 

You can follow the account. The account will be in action on the 16th! Hope to see many of your follows I’d love for you guys to stay with me and see this new journey! 

ā€¢ ā€¢ I will be posting on there every day!! 

Hope this made sense and puts a little insight as to why I haven’t posted.

Thank you guys!! 


šŸ’‹ kaitlyn 


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