Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette review/swatches video included!ย 

Hi Everyone!

Here’s the link to the review/swatches video!

So today for my Youtube coming back video I did the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe palette. It was a very talked about palette and I was lucky enough to be apart of the first launch. Please like and subscribe if you could, much appreciated! (:


In the video I talk about how Jeffree Star made a Instagram story or Snapchat story about how people were bashing Jaclyn for the pigmentation of the shadows, but yet they were barley swatching them. I address this by explaining you’re not going to get fully pigment if you light/barley touch the shadow. if you want a lighter look then that would be what to do, otherwise the shadows like other palettes are intended to be pressed on. I then show the difference.

I swatch every color and explain a bit about the palette as I go.

This $38ย palette comes with 35 colors. All shades. There is literally a color for everyone, every skin tone there is a perfect color. What I love is that the colors compliment one another. This is what she intended. For the colors you need to be in one palette so you don’t have to use another. Even by rows you will notice how beautifully the colors go together. There is a mix of matt shades and glitter shades.

The colors are so vibrant and pigmented, I recommend that you start soft then work your way up. She mentions in her own video that the colors work well when you wet an eyeshadow brush. The shadows are very soft to the touch.

I would DEFIENTLY recommend this palette. I know she just had another relaunch, this is the first one since the first launch. No date has been given as to when the next launch will be , but if you are able to treat yourself when it comes out get your hands on this palette. You won’t be sorry!!

If you have any questions please send in a comment! (:

Hope you enjoyed the video!







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