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DYI photo frame!

On the 21st was my 1 year 5 months with my boyfriend, and to do something special for him and our new apartment I searched endlessly on Pinterest to find ideas and came across something I really liked. A picture frame with pictures in the shape of your name with your own pictures, I thought it was the coolest thing. I went on google and found a site and decided to buy one, it was only $29.99. I started the process of inputting what I wanted the cutout to say finished up and the power went out due to a storm. Decided to wait till the next day. THE NEXT DAY went back on and the frame was then $40. The first time I didn’t read the reviews which I should have known to do, but ALL the reviews said the frame was very cheap and came with scratches. Also it’s hard to find pictures to fit in the cutout. So I was like I am not spending $40 now on something people like but are saying isn’t the greatest and I could make way cheaper then that.

This is an inexpensive gift total cost under $30!!! Could be cheaper depending on the frame you chose! If you like making gifts for people like I do you’ll love this! Total time 1 hour at max!

This is just how I did mine, you can change the type of frame you can do a square frame or a smaller frame for just a single name, you just have to adjust paper size to fit!


**All supply got at Hobby Lobby and CVS.


What You Need:

  • Picture frame 27’L 7’H 3/4 D. The frame just needs to be long enough. On sale at Hobby Lobby original $29.99 sale. $15.00


  • Stencils. $2.99 at Hobby Lobby. Don’t get the fancy letter ones. You need the full bold letters.


  • Heavy duty paper/construction paper. If there is another type of paper you’d prefer feel free just make sure it’s long enough to fit the frame. Whatever color you’d like, I chose white. $2.99 at Hobby lobby on sale for $1.99


  • Pictures. I printed pictures out at CVS. I chose black and white and one colored for the heart. Cost is based on how many you print. I printed 21 for $6.43. The smallest is 4×6. Color is your choice!


  • Pencil, scissors and tape. Can get anywhere


What you are going to do, and this will be some work but doesn’t take long to do. These are the steps I did, you can do it in whichever order you’d like! (:

1: Cut out the letters you need fully so they aren’t attached to the rest and are in it’s form.

2: Now the photos if taken like selfies are going to be big and it may seem like it’s not going to work, trust me it will. Spread out your pictures and letters put the letter on top of the image you think fits best. Now the letters aren’t suppose to cover the whole pictures, it’s mainly for faces and partial body. If you take a look at my ‘David’ letters you will see faces and the faces will not be full.

3: Once you’ve picked the right pictures for letters trace the letters in pencil (incase you make a mistake) over pictures until done. **You can buy a heart stencil separately they come in packages or kids stick on they are larger so I didn’t buy I just drew a heart myself.**


4: Cut out the letters and your heart.

Once you’ve cut out everything, Take whichever heavy duty paper you’ve chose place the pictures in order to see how it’s going to lay out. I placed my letters in the bottom corner, I left room on the bottom and top to have white space on the top and bottom. I left mine in order and did one by one. Roll up a piece of tape and place it on the back of the picture and place it on the paper. Then continue this till all your letters are placed.

**I wanted my pictures to pop out a bit, if you would rather have yours flat on the paper you can tape it more then once on each corner.


5. Once you’ve placed your pictures, you can eye ball a straight line cutting or use a tape measure, cut out some of the paper on top to trace a line, but cut the paper so you end up with two pieces , 1. being your project 2. excess paper.


6. Place the now strip into the photo frame & you’re done! (:


Hope you try this!!










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