Blogging again!

Hi everyone!

Ive been out for MONTHS. I’ve been moving, focusing on family and college, it’s all been a lot. I’ve really missed making YouTube videos and blogging so I’m going to start back up again.

My blog was mainly about makeup which I’m going to keep but I’m going to add some new content, lifestyle, fashion, skincareย etc. Same with my YouTube channel it was all out of whack so I’m going to do the same my channel and blog are going to reflect one another.

I have two channels one I created a few years ago and one more recently I’m going to use the two and try and make one more of a vlog. Please subscribe to both and content will be out extremely soon! I want ALL my social media sites to be close and personal so if you have any questions about makeup, health, skincare ANYTHING feel free to message me!

Thank you!!



**Due to me coming back and switching up all sites may be changing! Don’t mind the theme, font, and picture changes!!




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