Skin Care

Tony Moly Face Mask 

YOU GUYS! For like $3.49 or so you can’t do better.

Here’s the link to the Ulta site this will take you right to Tony Molys products. Just to give you a look and Idea! *Below are the ones I have used myself.*


I personally have used many of his mask and they honestly are the BEST thing I’ve put on my face. He has many masks for different things you want done. Pore minimizer, brightening, moisturizing etc.

The packaging is so cute, and it’s real easy and simple to use! The instruction may be hard to understand or even find at first cause I struggled the first time for like 5 minutes because it’s in Japanese, English is right at the bottom.

Basically for every mask start with a clean face. Most of the mask you need a dry face. And all you’re going to do is place the mask over your face lining up for the eye, nose and mouth holes. Leave it on for 15 + minutes (the longer the better) take it off and you can rinse if you like otherwise it’s not necessary. The product smooths into your skin. Your face will be SO much softer and moisturized. You wil notice a difference right away, but obviously the more you use it the better the result.

This is defiantly something to try. It’s VERY affordable. If you buy them at Ulta sometimes they are buy one get one 50 percent off.


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