Skin Care

Tony Moly Strawberry nose 3-pack

Adding onto my blackhead/pore situation from my previous post, Biore charcoal pore cleaner, I bought this new product Tony Moly Sttawberry nose 3-pack.

First it comes in a cute little package. At first I was a little overwhelmed thinking I wouldn’t be doing it right because on the back it’s mainly written in jappenees or something. But on the way bottom there’s a English instruction section.

It’s a three part pack.

First you open the first, the smell is AMAZING. It’s so fruity. You take the clear strip out and place it on your nose and keep it on for 15-20 mins. This strip is very wet in product.

You take it off after the given time and your nose will be super soft and if you look at the strip you will see, black heads on the strip. Which was an AMAZING FEELING. This is what I wanted a prod it to actually do its job and to be it right away?! I was all for it!!! Β Usually it’s a few months and I got results right away and it was only the FIRST STEP.

The second step is the same, open the next take out the next strip, which is not wet or have product on it, it’s actually somewhat ‘hard’ on the side going Β on your face.

Leave that on for 15-20 mins. Take it off. With it being a harder strip it does not hurt coming off , or leave marks like a band aid does.This also may have some more blackheads on it!!!

The last step same as the rest. This one was actually kind of hard to get…

It’s wet BUT it’s not one piece, it’s two. One piece is like the first step strip it’s like a clear slim guase. The other strip is a slimy clear strip. Now at first o put the entire thing on my nose because I didn’t realize their were two, it doesn’t even say it on the instructions. Once I realized I took it off and thought and looked at the institutions and came to believe the slimy clear strip has the product which is rubbing against the other strip which should be the one going on you face. ANYWAYS,

It will be a bit slimy and a greasy feeling on your nose. But my nose feels so good. It’s soft and got rid of some black heads!! It is time consuming but worth it!

It’s only $3.99 at ULTA! He also makes other face and feet mask! Check them out!

10/10 doing what it says and what it’s made to do. Working on the very first step.


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