Skin Care

Biore pore cleaning charcoal face wash

Recently I’ve bought the Biore charcoal face wash, after contemplating for about a month. I’m the person who has blackheads and big pores on my nose. It’s gross, especially when you put makeup on the bumps are WAY more noticeable and I couldnt take it. I knew charcoal is good for your face and clearing pores so I decided to try it.

It comes out like soap does. It is a dark gray/black color. I don’t wanna say it has no smell but it certainly does not smell bad at all. No smell problems there.

As you rub it on your face you will feel how soft the product is and how smooth your face starts to feel.

Rub it in your hands or on your face to get a leathery foam. I like to leave products on for a few minutes. Once you take it off your skin will be extremely smooth. HERES THE DOWNSIDE..

It’s specifically for blackheads and pores. As a face wash (which it is not) it works really good. Gets the dirt and cleans your face. Now on the nose however it smooths the nose which is nice especially putting makeup on after. But if you look closely in the mirror you will see the pores are you filled and it does is smooth the surface.
I’ve used this product for about a month and haven’t noticed a real difference.

This products definitely works well as a face wash, but for what it was “made” to do not necessarily.

8/10 cleaning face

3/10 pore cleaning


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